Sri Kembangan

Security system in Sri Kembangan

About Sri Kembangan: Sri Kembangan is one of the most popular places in the country. Sri Kembangan is known for its business and commercial aspects and there are many commercial establishments in Sri Kembangan. Located to the east of the capital, this place is also a paradise for tourists.

Commercial establishments are a major contributor in the rise of the cities and major steps and preventions are taken for such establishments. The Financial Equipment Company provides excellent and affordable service with automated security and safety equipment available in high quality. The equipment provides the utmost concern and priority to the customers, which guarantee 100% results and the company, produces some marvelous devices from time to time based on the technology and the generation. The company installs fire & door alarms, burglar and highest quality DMP monitoring products, door access control panels. Some of the experienced workers are still in the company because of the reputation it holds. The company has talented electronic engineers who design and manufacture the chip inside the devices. Nowadays for the commercial safety the XT Series door access control panels are used which has really tremendous quality. One of the most advanced security door panels as of now is the XL series control panels which have versatile features and immense qualities. Some of the advanced features in the XL series control panels. Users can monitor, configure and remotely access with the help of an innovative DMP virtual app which can even send messages to the control unit. This is one of the on-board wireless features of the control panel.

  • To backward and forward compatibility 4 on-board and 8 wireless outputs are available for control applications. The existing DMP model gives enormous flexibility to the control panel and can even install additional devices.
  • For cordless arm/disarm the panel has the feature of built-in-proximity.
  • 10 hard-wired on-board zones or up to 48 wireless expansion zones support the panel.