The Importance of Security System

The dream of every man is to live in peace with his family members in his own house. Once the dream is achieved, all people crave to protect their property and their beloved ones from any harm that may come to them. Although natural calamities are hard to fight off, one can easily block out any ill attempts by the negative elements of the society.

The same happens in case of a commercial property owner too. His office, factory, restaurant, etc are of utmost importance to him and are the fruits of his lifetime labors. Naturally every person whether a simple household owner or a businessman, wants to protect each of his properties and of course his family members and workers.

Thus security is the most important aspect of every man’s life. Starting with the primitive idea of putting up fences or high walls around the property, the concept of security has advanced quite drastically over the last few decades and with the technological advancement, security has been modernized too. Gone are the days when security guards or barbed wires would be the sole idea of security system for a property.

Today, security systems are more technology oriented and have the capacity to ward off all sorts of unprecedented activities. From residential to commercial properties; all are powered by the latest security systems so that our lives can go on smoothly and efficiently. Here we list a few of the modern security systems that are most commonly used in all types of properties and are extremely efficient and convenient.

Security Products

CCTV cameras: These are one of the most commonly used means of security for commercial properties as well as sprawling houses. They are simple to use and the footages are directly transferred to surveillance monitors and each and every activity within the range is captured and recorded.

Door locks: The simple door locks have gone on to become more secure with the passing time and it’s no longer just a mechanical lock with an ordinary key.

Burglar alert systems: These have been prevalent in the market for quite some time now and are quite effective too. The system primarily consists of a number of sensors, control panel and an alert system and usually used for the detection of illegal entrees or trespassing in a bound area like an office, a factory, etc.

Digitized safe lockers: These are generally meant for high priority safes at both commercial and residential properties and have the facility of an electronic keypad and an entry password instead of simple locks. Quite convenient for keeping important documents and valuables!

Fire alert mechanisms: These alert systems are specifically designed for the detection of accidental fire issues. The system is usually comprised of smoke, flame, heat and CO detectors and is used in commercial as well as residential properties and public places.

GPS tracking mechanism: When it comes to personal security, the GPS tracking system is the most convenient and easy way. You always know wherever your beloved person is and can alert them in cases of troubles ahead or rescue them when in trouble.

Metal detectors: These are most commonly used in public and commercial zones and in case of high security personnel too. Any metallic object like knives, bullets, rifles, pistols, guns, certain bombs, etc can easily be identified and located.

Glass Break detectors: These are quite useful for properties that have glass windows and doors and usually form a part of the burglar alert mechanism. Any vibration or noise above a certain threshold is recorded by a microphone and the system gets activated as soon as the glass is shattered.

IP cameras: These are mainly used for the purpose of surveillance and send and receive data over the computer network and alert the authorized personnel in case of any discrepancy.

Motion sensors: These are also used as a part of the burglar alert system and raise an alert in case it captures an unaccounted motion.

Smoke detectors: These usually detect any smoke that are beyond a certain limit and set off the fire alarm.

Wireless infrared cameras: These are quite often used in houses when people look for extra security. You can monitor your house or property from your laptop or computer, wherever you are.

Efield: These are usually installed on boundary walls or fences and use the electromagnetic field to identify and intruder by his mass and movement.

Microwave barriers: These are quite cheap and simple to install. The mechanism creates a protective layer by transmitting microwaves to a receiver. These systems are quite sensitive to fog, rain and snow.

H-field: This system is based on the disturbance principle of electromagnetic field. Radio frequencies are emitted by a transmitter via a cable which is then intercepted by a second cable. When an object is present, the strength of field naturally diminishes and when it approaches a fixed lower limit, the alert is set off.

Access control: These mechanisms are used to regulate and supervise the entry of people or items into a zone of security. Its best carried out via identification cards, CCTV cameras, security guards, auto gates, doors, locks, retina scanners, voice identifiers, etc.

Thus, we see that modern security systems have quietly seeped into our daily lives. Whether it is a commercial, public or residential area, security systems have become a must for today’s safe living. From the simple CCTV cameras to the high security measures like voice identifiers or retina scanners, modern security systems are a marvel than what we humans initially started off with: the mud walls or the bamboo fences.

These security systems are a must in today’s time and no compromise must be made when the stakes are high involving your dream home, your family members and your offices, factories, etc. You have worked hard to achieve these and it would be a poor fruit of your labor if these are hampered or harmed due to the ill behavior of some or a silly mistake.  So, always be on the steering wheel  and keep your properties and loved ones safe with these advanced security measures.