Sri Hartamas

Security system in Sri Hartamas

About Sri Hartamas: Sri Hartamas is a very famous place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There are many offices, MNC’s and commercial establishments here in this place.

The company has many branches worldwide, but most of the products are manufactured in the branch. For 35 years, the company is not faded away from the hearts of the people as every year new products are developed and designed. The latest keypads is available with green and red back lighting and the panels in the keypads can be upgraded. The keypad provides a user friendly menu to the customers so that the device is comfortable to use. The menu options are the volume control, alarm tones, quick access to ARM/DISARM function and can reduce and increase the brightness.

The panic button in the panel can be operated quickly with programmable shortcut keys. The DMP Panel is available with a slim profile design and a suitable dimension. With on-board programmable functions, multiple keypads can be installed on the same line in the panel. In the next few years,  many such panels are coming with many more unique features and versatile qualities. Security system protects people, things and money from intruders by preventing the entry, blocking the entry or by making siren. There are different components that make a good security system and alarms and CCTV are two of them. There are different places where these systems are used such as residential, commercial, industrial, and military properties etc.door access is one more security product that is very popular in ISO certified companies and offices. There are codes that allow you to enter through that door or else the door won’t get open. There are other similar devices such as autogate etc.