Petaling Jaya

Security system in Petaling Jaya

Petaling Jaya is a very popular Malaysian city that is known for nits business and trade. This majestic city is located in the Petaling district of Selangor. We all know the importance of good security systems and how it is very much vital to protect ourself and our family from intruders. Security systems are also used in various other places such as offices, stores etc. There are different types of alarms that are available in the market. These systems are very much popular and successful and there are many companies that are providing these products to the customers all over the world. Security system in Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur is very popular. There are many companies that provide alarms to the people all over the world. There are different types of devices that are used in these processes and the most popular of all is the CCTV.

Securities devices such as door access, automate are very popular produce cuts that the different companies provide to the people. There are many companies that are known to be an installer, supplier, and provider of these popular products. Today in this context, we will discuss about sensors and the types.

  • Passive infrared detectors – This one is designed in such a way that it is very useful for household and small business. The functions are very much affordable and reliable. It is known as passive because the detectors do not use its own energy to operate, but instead uses the energy of the other objects to radiate. These sensors do not sense any kind of motion, but they sense the temperature change. When an intruder enters the premises, the temperature of that area will change and that is the point when it signals.
  • Microwave detectors – This is a very popular device that issued in high security zones. This device detects microwaves and it emits certain waves and when these waves come back and get received by a receiver when the alarm is on. This is this transmitter and the receiver. In a single system, the transmitter and the receiver are generally combined. The concept of Doppler effects works here in this system.
  • Photoelectric beams – the concept of transmitting visible or infrared light beams works in this system. This is a very effective one in a long range security system.
  • Glass break detection – This is one of the most popular detection systems that are used in households and offices. The detectors are placed in the close proximity to the glasses and when an intruder tries to break the glass to get in, the alarm auto sirens.

There are other types of sensors that are used for this purpose. There are also other types such as door access, autogate that is very popular among the people all over the world. There are many companies that act an installer, supplier, provider and they provide quality security systems all over the world.