Security system in Ampang

About Ampang:  One of the most popular places in KL, Ampang is located in the Titiwangsa constituency. The place is located alongside the Ampang Road and Ampang Hilir. Ampang is also partly located in the state of Selangor, Malaysia.

Security System Helps Secure in Your Own Way: In the current era of information and physical security, security products refer to the selective restriction of access to a property or space or any other resource. Here the word accessing usually signifies the act of using, entering or consuming the resource of interest and the permission that is granted to access such restricted object or property is termed as authorization. There are two types of analogue mechanisms of the access control system, namely –

  • Locks
  • Cctv
  • home alarms
  • autogate
  • door access
  • Login credentials

The access control system thus in layman terms is the practice of allowing authorized persons to access a particular property, building, space etc. Humans are capable of achieving the physical access control, for instance, bouncers, bodyguards etc. by mechanical means like the locks and keys. The access control system typically comprises of an access control point which in general cases are as follows –

  • Doors
  • Elevators
  • Parking
  • Toll gates etc

The very basic construction includes an electric lock that can be unlocked by the authorized person using a switch. Whereas in an automated condition the authorized person is replaced by a reader which may be a keypad where a code could be entered or a biometric reader where the fingerprint could be matched. To have a better understanding of the concept of the functioning of such system it can be stated as: when a specific credential, mostly in the form of a code, is presented to the reader it sends the information to an extremely reliable processor.

Some of the coverage  residential & Commercial area :

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