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Fast FactThe earliest reported reference to merengue may be tracked back to around the mid-19th-century. It had been mentioned while in the Dominican Republic, which referred to it as “lascivious”.Merengue is just a sort of an audio that is strongly from the Republic’s magazine content. Nevertheless, in its old age, its draw was produced by merengue in most Latin American countries. An integrated section of merengue dancing is its music that’s seen as an a fast-paced and beat. Nowadays, merengue songs have become selection music in clubs, at gym class, and at household functions. It has been made by the cool beats with this music a hit that was great between ballerina fans and the newer herd. So you can update your playlist here is a list of leading merengue songs of all time.

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Best Tracks Ever A Lo Oscuro Jose Pena Suazo Y Banda Gorda Abusadora Solido Mujeres Calientes Oro Solido La Pena Kinito Mendez Corazoncito Grupo Mania Ta’ Encendio Oror Solido Las Lo Bailan Bien Los Toros Band Eh Mania Tra Tra Fe Tu Fotographia Zafra Negra La Cura Solido Sandunga Grupo Mania La Tanga Oro Solido Baila Mania Rompio El Corazon La Makina Nina Bonita Grupo Mania Paga Tun Tun Que No Se Acabe el Mambo Jose Pena Suazo y Gorda Morena Ven Los Hermanos Rosario Perform Truco (Remix) Rosario Traigo Fuego La Gorda Loco Por Amor Los Hermanos Flores E maco Salta Cocote Tono Rosario El Chisme Y Su Cocoband Cache Oro Solido La Morena Solido Pequena La Makina Verano Solido Solido Siento Los Hermanos Rosario Ahi Jose Suazo y La Banda Gorda Baila Merengue Alex Su Orquesta Colegiala Alex Bueno Rompecintura Merengue All Stars Tu Muere Aqui Jose Pena Suazo y La Gorda Africano Wilfrido Vargas Suavemente Elvis Crespo Mi Primer Millon Los Toros Band Loca Shakira El Cepillo Fulanito Que Cara Bonita Alex Bueno Cuerpo En Industry Rikarena Mujer Latina Thalia Cachamba Mendez Mentiroso Olga Taon Compadre Pedro Juan Gran Combo Hot Hot Hot (Radio Edit) Poindexter Salom Chayanne Gusta Tambien Loco El Tiburon Uno Arrasando Thalia Come Baby Come Elvis Crespo Elvis Crespo I Understand You Desire Me (Calle Ocho) (Radio Edit Chilly) Pitbull Face that is happy Destiny’s Child She Bangs Ricky Martin The Poor Touch (The Eiffel 65 Mix) The Bloodhound Gang El Rey del Mambo La Gorda Pump Up the Jam – WINE Technotronic Azul Castro Si Me Dejas Vale – Linea La Linea Membership Latino Salsa Merengue Mix 2006 Fulanito No Te Vayas Santos Moving the merengue is a superb means of enabling your own hair along and enjoying music. This will not just create your poise more elegant, but additionally show to be an exercise that is great. By doing this or that, we hope you love this particular music, just as much as we appreciated writing about it.